About Us

"Because We Like It" operates from Singapore and I started collecting vintage timepieces about 10 years ago when I was an undergraduate in Nanyang Technological University (Singapore). Being a undergraduate, I can only afford to buy some cheap vintage watches. Spending my weekends at flea/open air markets looking for good bargain.

I can't remember how many times I came across a vintage watch that I would like to own but just cannot afford it. Early Omega watches were my favorite (40's to 50's) at that time and I still have a number of them now.

After I graduated, I begin to buy more complicated vintage watches like chronographs, moonphases, triple date calendar ...

I started selling some of my collection at Clark Quay Sunday Flea market in 2002. After about half a year, I took a big step to set up my first shop at Clark Quay from 2003 to early 2005. I am now at 3 Coleman Street Peninsula Hotel & Shopping Complex #03-38.

I started this business out of love for vintage watches. I hope my watches can find new owners who has the same passion as me. As you may know, over the years the price of rare vintage watches has go up significantly. Collecting vintage timepieces is for sure a very good investment.

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