Vintage Seiko Calculator Chronograph Watch



Ref : Vintage Seiko Calculator Chronograph Watch

This is a Huge Super Rare Seiko Calculator Chronograph watch with a BEAUTIFUL Black dial. The rotating bezel is a mechanical calculator (in very good used condition). It is really hard to find this piece now. Trust me, many Vintage Seiko Chronograph watch collectors have not seen this piece (not to mention holding/wearing one). This piece has 2 registers one at 12 o'clock position (12 hr counter) and the other at 6 o'clock position ( 60 minute counter). The Stainless Steel case is in very good condition. It measures 46 by 43 mm!!!

As you may know, the price of the famous Vintage Heuer Calculator Chronograph Watch had gone up like crazy over the pass few years. This piece is for sure to increase in its value in the near future.

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